Do you have any questions?

How does invoicing work?

From all of your completed tasks, you can select any number to bundle on a single invoice. Once you've chosen currency, due date and a few other details a link to a downloadable invoice is sent to your client. As soon as your client views or downloads the invoice, you will be notified in the dashboard.

How much can I customize customers, clients, tasks and projects?

ZimTik is built on Trickle Down Defaults. If you have set your hourly rate on a given client to 150$, then those 150$ will be preselected on all tasks and projects created for that client, but they can be overwritten on any level. In most cases, this means configure once, use everywhere.

How do I get paid?

The most common method is entering your Banking/IBAN details on your profile. These details will be included on every invoice so that your clients can transfer directly to you.

How do I get new customers?

Follow our blog for a steady stream of tips and tricks. We might in the future provide some connection between clients and freelancers, but currently our ambition is simply to augment your business.

Do you help with my taxes?

In a way we do - We automatically track all of your invoices, including sales taxes/VAT on those, in addition you can log your expenses and then chose to share both with your accountant. Usually that will suffice to produce your yearly report taking no more than 2 minutes of your time.

How do I pitch to clients?

In ZimTik you have the option to create an Estimate Project. In this you will be supported in producing accurate estimates and commentaries for each task, which can then be shared with your client. In the client-view there will be an option to Approve the task in which case it will be converted to an active task in your dashboard.

How I track time spent?

We offer 2 types of tracking: First a live tracker, which you start and stop as you work on any task. If you don't use the live tracker, you can manually add work log entries.

How long is the binding on my subscription?

There is no binding and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, for any reason. You are offered a download of all information in your account, before your last log out.

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